Tips for Buyers and Sellers
Pre-approval does three things:

We know what locations and prices of properties to view.

To the party selling the property, the pre-qualification letter is as valuable as Cash when I present your offer.

Most importantly, it takes the pressure off of you. Having been pre-approved allows you the time and freedom to focus on your finding "what your looking for."

In today's market, people are placing back-up offers on properties already in escrow. They are hoping that you, the buyer, cannot fulfill your obligation in your contract to complete the sale on time. Pre-qualification can save you heart ache if you don't get your loan in time.

In today's busy marketplace, you will not want to take your home off the market, if you receive an offer that is not accompanied by a letter of pre-qualification. Precious qualified offers can slip through your fingers while you sit and wait for a buyer to get financed. The highest volume of buyer traffic that will view your property, will be in the first 3 weeks I have your home listed. If you take it off the market pending a sale and the buyer cannot complete the transaction, you might miss the best opportunity……… The best offer is not always the one that nets you $500 more. It is the one that will go all the way through after you have accepted it.